Friends with Answers

This past weekend, my friend, Carol came over for lunch. The last time she was in my house was when she was helping me to move so she just saw bare walls and boxes. Carol is a tremendously talented interior designer so I knew that I would be able to get some great insight and advice from her. Sure enough, without my even having to ask, within the first 15 minutes she was not only giving me tips on how I could better rearrange my living room furniture, but she actually did it for me! By the time she was done, my living room looked like a whole new space and I so enjoy sitting in there (even my cat hangs out in the living room more  For more than a year I lived in that space and had moved things around with no real satisfaction and it took Carol only 15 minutes to see what I could not see.

Do you have friends like this? Friends who can see what you cannot see.We can be so close to our situation and so used to our regular routine, that we need others who have our best interest in mind to come and not only show us that we need to do something differently, but will actually roll up their sleeves and help us do it. Sometimes, it may not be something as fun as interior design: it could be a friend who warns us about a bad decision we are about to make, or a friend who sees so much potential in you and wants to push you to do greater things, or it may be a friend who is trying to encourage you at a time when you really don't want to hear what she has to say (come on ladies, we've all been there!). 

As Carol was giving me advice on how I could rearrange my furniture, she stopped and looked at me and said "do you mind that I'm doing this?".  I put up my hands, shook my head, and said "no, please do". We have to recognize when people have our answer: they can do things better than we can or they have more experience or they have some wisdom that we just don't have in the moment. Honor the gift that God has placed in them rather than taking offense or getting so emotional! If I had gotten offended or thought her way was just too out of the box for me, I would never have ended up with my answer. Sometimes, God will place your answer in someone else. 

Get rid of offense, pride, fear, and doubt and recognize when God is using others to give you the very help you need and have been asking for. The Bible says in Proverbs 12:15  "Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others." At the very least, listen. God can deliver your answer in some very unexpected ways! 

God bless you. Stay encouraged. 

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