What’s Draining You?

A few days ago I was using my cellphone and noticed the battery level was low, around 50%. I used my co-worker’s charger to charge up my phone but it would not catch a charge- the battery charge went down to 18%. Odd. So I turned it off and plugged it back in again. This time the battery charged up to 80%. I unplugged my phone and went about the rest of my day. Later that evening I was on my phone and noticed the charge dropping rapidly. I checked some diagnostics on the phone and found there were a few things that were draining my battery in the background that I had to turn off. The biggest culprit? Facebook. What’s draining your battery? What things in your life are draining you and depleting your energy? What is taking more out of you rather than energizing you? We all have battery-draining things running in our lives. Some are more obvious like long days (and nights) at work, a newborn baby at home, taking care of a sick parent or spouse; but there are also things that are running in the background that we don’t realize are depleting us like trying to maintain an ungodly relationship, over extending ourselves to family, friends or ministry, or staying hyperconnected on social media. Sometimes our very social life is the very thing that is draining us. “Jesus said Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬

A relationship with God never depletes us. I think that bears repeating: a relationship with God NEVER depletes us. When we seek Him first and His way of doing things He adds to our life ( Matthew 6:33 ). 

Put away all of those depleting encumberances and distractions in your life and focus on doing those things that He has given you to do. Ask Him to help you to seek Him and to put away anything that is keeping you from the abundant life of love, joy and peace He has created for you. Ask Him to help you to turn off those background “apps” that are draining you so you can give and be a blessing to others from God’s overflow in your life. Be Blessed!

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