After getting myself settled down on the train for my morning commute I saw 2 pennies on the floor. I wondered how many people just ignored these pennies figuring they had no real value. As I bent over to pick up the 2 cents worth I saw 12 more pennies. So now I am leaving the train 14 cents richer than I was when I got on the train. Never despise the day of small beginnings!!! Lol. In life, how often do we do that or have had someone do that to us? Based on someone’s appearance, their title, the way they speak or some other status people may write others off as not having much value. But upon closer inspection and interaction we see there is far more there than what we originally saw or thought we saw. There was a young boy named David who was tending to his father’s sheep. He had several brothers who, on the surface, seemed to fit the profile of a leader. But God had chosen that ruddy shepherd boy to be the next king of Israel and from his seed the King of all kings-Jesus- would enter into this world to bring salvation to those who would choose to accept it. Never pass over someone- including yourself- just because of the appearance of ‘little value’. Go deeper and see what’s really there. 

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